Take control of your business finances, instead of letting your business's financial problems control you.


About the book


I wrote this book to empower small business owners to run healthier businesses and to become more financially fit.

Target Audience

This book is dedicated to small business owners and their financial advisors.

Too many small business owners are struggling:

  1. They are not making the money they hoped to be making when they started their business.
  2. They don't know why.
  3. They don't know what to do about it.

I've helped many small businesses overcome these challenges, empowering them to:

  1. Take control of their finances.
  2. Understand the financial performance of their business.
  3. Make fully informed decisions.
  4. Improve profitability and cash flow.

This book will help you achieve these things.

About Me

As a CFO, I partner with businesses to define and manage the financial metrics which drive equity value for business owners. As an investor, I analyze financial metrics to drive investment decisions.

Not a traditional CPA, I bring a refreshing mindset to small business accounting and finance. Having worked with hundreds of small businesses, I've developed expertise in operationalizing financial management, with a knack for effectively balancing accounting needs, reporting priorities, operational requirements, and budget constraints. 

An entrepreneur myself, I've founded or co-founded 8 companies so far including one that was acquired by a Fortune 100 company. Recruited to serve on various corporate boards, I've advised Intacct (acquired by Sage for $850M), MineralTree (raised $72M in VC funding), and G2 Technology Group (acquired by private equity firm Great Hill Partners).

More than anything else, my real passion is helping small business owners.

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